The Full Package

Unlike the Core Package where different additions and customized integrations to the software create different solution packages to support a gradual growth, we also offer a Full Package that includes all the existing Expansion Modules.

  • Processing Engine
  • Processing API
  • Merchant Interface
  • Administrative Interface
  • Subscription / Recurring Payments
  • Payout / Invoicing Management
  • Transaction Reporting
  • PCI Compliance
  • Hardware (Servers, Firewalls, Intrusion Detection, etc..)

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  • Transaction Interface Module
  • Customer Support Module
  • International Expansion Module
  • Alternative Payment Solutions Module
  • Online Agreement Generation Module
  • Advanced Fraud Scrubbing Module
  • Agent / ISO Module
  • Reseller Module
  • eWallet Module(Pending)
  • SMS Delivery Module (Pending)

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  • Hosting Services
  • Training and Consulting Services
  • Customer Support Service
  • Merchant Boarding Service
  • Approval, Compliance and KYC Service
  • Fraud Screening Service

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Full Package