Expansion Modules

You can expand the features of your payment gateway by selecting any of the optional Expansion Modules:

In addition to the standard API connectivity method, PaymentPass can also provide pre-built hosted payment pages and a Virtual Terminal interface

The hosted payment pages allow a common interface that your merchants can use to allow consumers to enter transactions. This opens up the possibility to provide your merchants with extremely reduced boarding times and standardized options.

The Virtual Terminal interface is extremely useful for MOTO sales practices where direct interaction with the enduser requires a manual entry of the payment information by the operator.

  • Hosted Payment Pages / SmartPost
  • Virtual Terminal

Our Customer Support module can be added to provide an in-house or outsourced operational and reporting feature for the operator, but can also be combined together with the optional Customer Support Service that PaymentPass offers as an additional service. A fraud screening reporting module and multi-tier support module are also included.

  • Customer Support Module
  • Advanced Fraud Reporting
  • Mutli-Tier Support Module

By adding the PaymentPass International Expansion Module the gateway will support and process an unlimited number of currencies and languages so you can reach any demographic. This opens the door to using other global payment solutions alongside domestic credit card processing. Our Geo-Targetting technology is also included and provides IP driven detection of the user’s country of origin and immediately displays content based on the consumer's location.

  • Multi-Currency Module
  • Multi-Language Module
  • Geo-Targetting Module

By adding the Alternative Payment module to your PaymentPass gateway, you will not only be able to process traditional Visa, MasterCard, American Express and other credit and debit card payments, but you will also be able to process any form of payment outside of the traditional payment methods. Adding the Alternative Payment module is easy and increases your overall sales.

Our Online Agreement Generation module allows the operator to generate online accessible agreements and contract files on the system. This feature saves time and money and allows recipients to complete their agreements and due dilligence online quickly and effortlessly. The operator can customize the files via the administration interface and the changes are immediately reflected in the online agreements, therefore speeding up the merchant boarding process.

We provide several modules to enhance your fraud screening protocol. Our Phone Verification module is proven and effective in stopping up to 80% of fraud by simply requiring PIN based verification over the phone. We also offer this approach through SMS using our SMS Verification module. Conencting to advanced third party fraud scoring and prevention databases is also possible through this module.

PaymentPass’ Agent / ISO module incorporates the possibility to operate a large scale Agent / ISO organization. It provides a complete interface and reporting tool for both you and your Agents / ISOs to effectively run a large scale sales operation. It tracks sales and provides automated revenue sharing and accounting features.
Reseller Module
Our Reseller Module lets you analyze and maintain affiliate relationships, deliver and track advertising tools, configure unlimited offers, and generate detailed reports.

Our eWallet module interacts seamlessly with the PaymentPass gateway and includes all the necessary functionalities needed to perform all types of electronic wallet transactions. This includes the functionality to provide loading and unloading of real or virtual currencies that interacts seemlessly with any part of the payment system.
SMS Delivery Module (Pending)
The PaymentPass SMS Delivery module gives the operator the capability to deliver messages throughout the system via SMS.